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"Thanks for a great hunting trip and first red stag, awesome country, has to be seen"  Josh and Peter Wright, New Zealand

Aussies and a stag

Aussies and a stag

Deer hunting

We offer guided hunting for both red and fallow deer; combine hunting with a stay in one of our lodges or get closer to the action by staying in an historic building on the more remote parts of the station. Please book early for the roar.

Prices: $250 for a guide (plus the animal).

Red deer: $500 for a meat deer or spiker. 10 pointers are $800 plus $80 for every additional point.

Fallow deer: $250, for a meat deer or spiker. Stags are priced from $800 depending on the head.



First kill

First kill

Goat hunting

Goats are in abundance on the station and hunting them with a guide is the perfect introduction to larger game for the inexperienced hunter or young fella who wants to learn stalking and bush skills. We offer guided hunts for visitors but repeat guests to our lodges are welcome to hunt without a guide by prearrangement and provided they have a valid New Zealand gun licence.


Prices: $150 per person for a guided hunt (minimum two people - includes the animal)


202 pounds!

202 pounds!

Pig hunting

The ultimate Kiwi hunting experience! We find pigs on the station throughout the year but they are particularly bold during lambing season. Our pig hunting includes a guide, ATV transport and experienced pig dogs.


Prices: $595 per guided hunt for up to two people (including the animal)

Wild boar charge

Sam, our shepherd, out pig hunting; he should have loaded more than one bullet!