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Horse Trekking

"Such an amazing day. I've never seen a country so stunning and Hangabout [the horse] reminded me how wonderful it is to ride. Breathtaking"  Natalie Rothwell

About our treks

Blue Duck Station has over 5000 acres of tracked land superb for backcountry horse trekking. The scenery varies from native bush canopy to pine tree forests, ridge top tracks and mountain views. There is at least a week's horse riding to do without going over the same track twice!


Our experienced guides will ensure you don't miss anything on our half day guided trek, we are also happy to arrange shorter, led, rides for youngsters. If you are part of a larger group ask us about our trek and 4WD safari adventure! As with all our activities we suggest you book in advance to secure a place. For those with your own horses you are welcome to bring them for a small grazing fee, please contact us for details.



$145 per person half day guided trek